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10 Anti-Drug PSAs From Your Childhood That You Talk About In Therapy


When former U.S. President Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs in the '70s, there were countless anti-drug PSAs that filled our television screens advising the youth to stay in school and to say no to drugs.

During the '80s and '90s, hard drugs made their way into suburban neighborhoods and became a rampant issue in youth populations.

All this fearmongering didn't stop everyone from saying yes to drugs, but it probably did scare the heck out of some people. When you look back now, you can't help but laugh at some of them.

10. Pee-wee Herman says crack is DEAD wrong.

Well, he is DEAD right about that. Crack is not "kid's stuff," but then whose stuff is it?

9. Kids are heavily influenced by their parents. When a father finds his son's drug stash, the truth is revealed ....

Way to go dad, you're such a good example for your kid!

8. Superman will fly you home if you say no to drugs.

Is this  supposed to be a kid or an old man that refuses drugs?

7. "You'll love this stuff," said from someone who looks like your next door neighbor or your best friend's granny.

The grandma who looks like she just came back from playing golf with her friends has me in tears.

6. You know what you do when someone offers you drugs? You turn into a gorilla and throw the drug dealer in the trash.

Is that really how the Ghostbusters would deal with an enemy?

5. "If you do drugs, you go to hell before you die."

Aye aye Captain Lou!

4. Drugs will turn you into an evil-looking gremlin.

Gene Simmons is the the man we feared to be under our bed, just take a look at the first part of the video below.  

3. "I'm not a chicken, you're a turkey!"

This comeback had me rolling on the floor with laughter.

2. Here was some good ol' neighborly advice from your cartoon hero G.I.

1. Remember when '80s rap spread positive messages.

The "Straight Up" anti-drug PSA is funny now because of how different it is to the gangster rap that emerged not too long after. Lyrics like "it ain't enough money to get your life back" and "it's a game you can't win so don't try to win" are fo-real doe.

Which one of these anti-drug PSAs do you remember?