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Angela Lansbury Singing 'Beauty And The Beast' At The Lincoln Center Will Transport You Back To Your Childhood

It's a tale as old as time, and if you grew up in the 90's you're probably singing that song in your head right now.

When it was released in 1991, Beauty and the Beast was an instant Disney classic. The song by the same name sung by the iconic Mrs. Potts, voiced by Angela Lansbury, was a hit 25 years ago, and it still is today.


In a surprise performance at the 25th Anniversary screening of the film at the Lincoln Center, 90-year-old Lansbury walked on stage as Alice Tully and enchanted the audience with her version of the famous song.


In an interview with Flicks and the City, Lansbury says that Beauty and the Beast was one of the most memorable roles of her career.

"It's never been very far away from me," she told the blogger. "It will be remembered, I think, as one of the great movies I will be remembered for. Among the movies I will be remembered for, I'd say this is number one or two."

In 1993, she was nominated for a Grammy for Beauty and the Beast. The award-winning actress was nominated for an Oscar for her roles in Gaslight and The Picture of Dorian Gray.