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Alyssa Milano Remembers 'Letting Out' All That 'Teen Steam' Back In The 80s


There was a lot of popular stars that we grew up watching, but few were as influential as the one and only Alyssa Milano. She was absolutely wonderful on Who's The Boss, and was a lot of people's very first crush.

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Stars always had to do a lot of things to figure out how to stay relevant, and Milano found a way to do it. Workout videos had become super popular, so she created the Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam video and it was awesome.

She explained how the video actually came to be, "It was during the time when they started to pull all funding out of schools for [physical education], so there was a need for it. And it was also the time when Jane Fonda had her workout videos."

Jane Fonda's videos were insanely popular, it seemed like everyone's mom had one. But Alyssa appealed to a younger demographic, and she was always happy to hear about people's experience with the tapes.

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"To hear stories about how kids would do it and it helped them to feel good about themselves, it's great."

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Alyssa Milano was one of the biggest stars of the 80s, and continues to be popular to this day. But the fact that her entire childhood is basically captured on film is pretty crazy.

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"Just to look back on those '80s moments is always fun for me," Alyssa said. Teen Steam has a lot of personal touches that feel so 80s when you look at them. Whether its the wallpaper, the touchtone phone, or the framed photo of Corey Haim, it's pretty easy to tell what decade this was made in.

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The teen heartthrob in the picture was actually her boyfriend at one point, she said that He was my first boyfriend, when I was very little," she shared. "Obviously, because we were so young, we weren't real boyfriend and girlfriend. I had the hugest crush on him and we were friends. We were friends with crushes on each other. And he was like the s--t at that time."

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The girls in the video were actors who were just cast to be her friends who came to "let off some of that steam", but the song that plays during the workout is actually sung by Alyssa herself!

While Milano says that it's fun to look back, when asked if there is anything about the video that makes her cringe her answer was "All of it. All of it, are you kidding?" Fair point, it's pretty goofy.

At least she enjoyed it at the time! She said that even though she was in such memorable roles as a kid, she doesn't really remember doing it. "I remember weird things, like a pair of pants that Judith [Light] wore in the episode. Just weird, random things, like the pocket designs on [Tony Danza's] jeans, because he always wore the same jeans, the same brand. I don't even remember what they were. But there's weird, random stuff I remember. But as far as the big stuff..."


Lucky for us we can always watch Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam and remember our childhoods whenever we want!

If you want to try out the whole workout, you can watch it online!

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