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We Know Their Voices, But Here's What The Actors From 'Brother Bear' Look Like 15 Years Later

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This movie could have been both your favorite and most traumatizing Disney film growing up. Brother Bear has become a classic movie because of it's dramatically different style than former Disney productions, while keeping the hilarious and soulful elements for the whole family to enjoy.

We all remember the heartbreaking story line, and lessons that Kenai and Koda learned together, but what ever happened to the faces behind the characters?

Kenai - Joaquin Phoenix

The young boy who becomes a man by becoming a bear starts with the rash act of Kenai who ultimately kills the mother, and sparks intervention by the forces of nature. Played by Joaquin Phoenix, who would later see himself in other transformative roles like Johnny Cash in Walk the Line, and Her, where he plays a man falling in love with his phone's artificial intelligence.

Koda - Jeremy Suarez

A rascally little bear with a big heart and even bigger curiosity, Koda didn't realize that he was teaching Kenai how to be more than a bear, but a brother. Jeremy Suarez, who brought Koda to life hasn't been in many movies, but he was the main character Kai in Zambezia, a story about a young, high-spirited falcon discovering the truth of his birth.

Tug - Michael Clark Duncan

The gigantic grizzly with the heart of gold perfectly suited Duncan, who could not have been cast better for the role. He would go on to voice many more kids shows like Land Before Time, Teen Titans, and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, before his untimely death in 2012.

But what about those two bumbling moose, I mean squirrels, eh?

Rutt - Rick Moranis

The light furred younger brother of Tuke was played by the Canadian legend Moranis, who surprisingly hasn't appeared in too much since this movie and its sequel came out in 2006. He has since reprised his role in the Bob & Doug McKenzie series, with the last addition in 2007.

Tuke - Dave Thomas

The second half of the dynamic moose duo, and Doug in the Bob & Doug McKenzie series alongside Moranis, Thomas has remained active in his acting career, starring in several TV shows like Bounty Hunters, How I Met Your Mother, and Bones!

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