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A Spice Girl And A Backstreet Boy Are Teaming Up To Build The Perfect Boy Band

Just when you thought that boy bands were gone and forgotten, only to be left to Vegas venues and cruise ships, they find a way to bring them back. Sure, there have been a couple of boy bands that have come after the 90s, but not nearly as many as there were back then.

Well, some of the biggest stars from your childhood are working hard to bring boy bands back to forefront with a brand new reality show that will make your inner child scream with joy.

The new show is called Boy Band and honestly it's VERY reminiscent of Making the Band. (If you don't remember that show you should absolutely read this article because that show is what gave us the gift that was O-Town.)


But back to the show at hand! Backstreet Boy Nick Carter will be one of the judges along with Baby Spice herself, Emma Bunton. How many of us dreamed about having a Spice Girls/Backstreet Boys mashup when we were kids? This is just the first step! maybe they can convince their bandmates to come perform on the show, you know, for ratings or something?


The third judge who will be rounding out the panel is Timbaland, who you might remember as the producer for a whole slew of Justin Timberlake's songs. Rita Ora will be hosting and the show will be airing on ABC starting on June 22nd.

Carter had a lot to say about how he ended up as a part of this show, click to the next page to find out how he got involved and what you can expect from this throwback-style show.

Nick Carter was interviewed by Popcrush about the upcoming premiere and he was extremely excited to talk about his involvement. He was convinced to do the show because "[the producers] said, ...'We feel that you really could contribute in a lot of ways because you are in a boy band and we can’t really think of anybody else who is literally living in a boy band and have the knowledge and experience that you do."

He said that "After 24 years of doing this, I feel as if I have a lot to say and I have a lot to offer, but I haven’t really had the opportunity to share this knowledge yet."

This isn't his first time judging a reality competition, if you are a fan of Dancing With The Stars, you will remember that he got to fill in for a week for one of the judges.

Carter, Bunton and Timbaland are all being called "Architects" on the show, so they are not just judging but they will also mentor contestants and help them become the best band possible. Carter says, "We are mentoring these guys and it’s got to be constructive criticism. It is our job to advise them based on our opinions from what we see in their performances."

They aren't just looking at the singing voices either, Nick says that "The most important is the way that they sing, but also do they have that likeability? Do they have that something special, that thing that draws you to them?"