This Was The Most 90s Show On TV That Wasn't Actually In The 90s

We all remember the glory that was 90s music right? If you need a reminder, we have pretty much an entire summary of all the important songs of the 90s ready for you. Well, when the millennium happened, it seemed like the music industry wasn't quite sure what was going to happen, they asked Lou Pearlman (former manager of Backstreet Boys and NSYNC) to create another super group.

To document the experience, the show "Making The Band" was launched in 2000 where music executives went on the search for the next great boy band. Who remembers O-Town? They were chosen to fit into designated categories and sing and dance in matching outfits to songs that probably were pretty upsetting for parents to hear coming out of their kids mouths.

Do you remember the members of the band?


Erik-Michael Estrada

Trevor Penick

Jacob Underwood

Dan Miller

Ashley Parker Angel

Did you know that O-Town recently made a come back? All members except Ashley came back to release a new album in 2013 called Lines & Circles. They are actually touring fairly regularly with their next show on Feb 10th. You can check out their new website and find out all the tour info. If you can't wait until their next show to hear your favorite O-Town songs, here you go: