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Time To Get Back To Work Because '9 To 5' Is Getting Remade, And You'll Actually Be Excited For It

Watching 9 To 5 as a young woman was always a fun experience. There was something so satisfying about watching these three smart women work together to take down their corrupt boss .

Sure, we could argue about the legalities of them holding their boss captive, but what's the fun in that! He was a bad man who was lying, blackmailing, and was just all around evil, so the fact that they had to trap him to find out that he was embezzling money from the company is not the point.

My main takeaway, as a younger girl who didn't understand that holding someone captive was highly illegal, was that I always thought it was awesome to see three smart women manage to make choices that a man couldn't.

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They made some seriously impressive changes

They implemented a daycare, they established equal pay between male and female employees, and they allow flexible scheduling which all makes the company run better while making the employees work harder.

Obviously, when Hart, the mean boss, gets back, he is promoted to help implement all these changes in a Brazilian operation, but we find out that it goes poorly.

Luckily, the women who actually made these advancements in the company were able to move up or move on in ways they wanted to, but I think that there was just something powerful about it.

With basically every movie getting a remake, it's always just a matter of time before our favorites are next in line, and recently the 9 To 5 classic we all know and love has been picked as the next project.

But before you get mad, you've got to hear what they have planned...

9 To 5 is the latest movie on the remake train. I know, you don't want it, but hear me out. We can't really stop these remakes from happening, so we should at least be happy with how this one is moving forward!

So far, what we know about this potential remake is that the entire original trio is set to come back! That's right, Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin are all in talks to return for a new version!

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Does that take the sting out of it a bit?

While it's exciting enough that these three will be back, currently actress and writer Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation, The Office) is in talks to write it.

Seems like it will be a new movie for a generation of powerhouse women! What we don't know yet is if they will be playing their same characters after advancing in their lives, or if it is a completely new movie all-together.

I'm sure we will find out soon enough, but for now I am going to go listen to "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton on repeat!