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12 Images From The '90s You Can Smell (And Taste) From Just Looking At Them

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There's really no need to close your eyes to transport yourself back to your childhood, all you have to do is look at these 12 images that will magically stimulate your nose...and maybe your taste buds.

1. One whiff of these and you're back in middle school. You can practically taste your favorite dessert on your lips.

2. If you didn't own a Teen Spirit Lady Speed Stick deodorant, did you even go to school?  

3. That intoxicating smell of baby powder on Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

4. This sweaty, musty, gag-inducing stench we all got used to.

5. The smell of too much salt from a Kid Cuisine meal. I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually made by a kid.

6. The unique odor of this waxy substance could be easily identified by anyone who has ever smelled Crayola crayons.

A study showed that the Crayola crayon smell is actually beef fat.

These next smells will bring back lots of memories.

7. Koosh balls have a distinct plastic smell that cannot be put into words.

8. Again, you can't quite describe the smell of this one. I'm sure you've also accidentally put these eraser caps in your mouth a few times.

9. New plastic. That always brings you back to Walmart, whether it was the shoe aisle or the toy section.

10. These bouncy balls felt strange and didn't smell quite like plastic...

11. Very small accessories that had a very strong smell.

12. You can practically taste the steam.

Which smell always brings you back to your childhood?