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11 Things That Were Totally Normal In The '90s That We Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Doing Now

Growing up in the 90s feels like it was a million years ago. The world has changed so much in a short amount of time that it's sometimes hard to keep track of everything that's different. It changes as we age, but it isn't until you look back that you really see the full extent of the differences.

Whether it's how you acted, what you wore, or even just the technology you used, times have really changed. Obviously there are a lot of things that aren't really applicable to your personal interests anymore now that you are grown up, but it's still crazy to think that future generations will never know the struggles that you faced!

How many of these do you remember?

Getting stuck in a video game


Nowadays, if you are playing a video game and you aren't sure what to do you can just Google it. The internet is a vast resource that can tell us everything we could possibly need to know, including where to get that secret star. If you wanted to know how to beat a level you would have to buy a guide book that would cost way too much money.

Plucking off all of your eyebrows

Whoever decided that super thin brows was the ideal style was playing a very mean trick on us all. It's probably for the best that we have let this one go, our eyebrows will thank us for it.

Dropping in unannounced


If someone shows up to your door without texting it will probably make you panic and assume something has gone terribly wrong. First of all, it doesn't give you any time to tidy up, and second of all a text would have been so easy to send.

Not showing up to planned events

Even worse than showing up unannounced would be to not show up at all. If you made plans with a friend you would have to show up because there is no way to tell them you aren't going. If you said you would be at the movies at 6 p.m, you better be at the theater no later the 6:15 p.m. because they have no reason to know why you're late.

Pushing someone in a pool

It used to just be kind of a jerk move, but now it is an expensive jerk move. When you used to push people in the pool when you were younger there was no danger of anything getting ruined. Now, even young kids have cell phones and other electronics in their pockets at all times.

Being unreachable by phone

Not having a phone is really not acceptable anymore. Sure, some people do it, but the rest of us get annoyed any time they ask us hang out. While it's nice to be able to reach people at any time, sometimes it would be nice to just unplug.

That's not all that we wouldn't ever do anymore...

Going to a video store

Those Blockbuster memberships were a big deal once upon a time, now if you can't find it on a streaming service you probably will never watch it.

Walking your family to the gate at the airport

TriStar Pictures

You used to be able to see your family off, but for obvious reasons that has been shut down. There are a lot of security measures in place so it's best to just say goodbye at the entrance.

Answering the phone without knowing who it was


Caller ID really changed a lot of things. Now if you don't recognize the number you just let it go to voicemail, but back when we were kids we'd all rush to answer the phone no matter what.

Asking for directions

Why would you ever need to ask for directions when every single cellphone has a built in GPS? There is no need to ask anyone anymore, or even print out the Mapquest directions because we can just use our phones.  

Using a physical answering machine

When was the last time you saw an answering machine that used a tape? It's been a while, right? Answering machines are completely gone now, with all voicemail services being stored in some magical "cloud" type service. That is, if someone actually left a voicemail. With caller ID there really is no point anyway!

Can you think of other things that you used to do that would be totally crazy now?