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9 Thoughts Every 90s Teen Has When They See A Teenager Today


People definitely thought the same way about us when we were teenagers, but something about today's teens make me want to shake them until they understand they're annoying. Here are 9 everyday thoughts about today's teens.

1. "Oh wow, I feel old."

There's nothing like seeing today's teenagers that makes you remember your own youth. Then you realize you're 30 years old, with no money and a never ending student debt.

2. "They're going to regret that."

Posting half-naked pictures of yourself on the internet will not do you any favors in the future. I just can't tell if they are so naive to think that this stuff will never catch up to them, or they are just stupid enough not to care.

3. "Thank god I had nothing to document the stupid things I did."

I am not naive enough to think that we were perfect as teens. I know we did stupid stuff when we were younger too, I am just so happy there isn't 400+ Instagram posts showing exactly how stupid I was.

4. "Was I this annoying?"

Okay, the answer is probably yes, but I don't remember it therefore it didn't happen.

5. "Where are their clothes?"

It is below freezing outside and you are wearing a crop top, where is your coat? I have no idea what teens today have against warm clothing but seriously, shorts are not for April and crop tops are not okay, ever. I may sound like a grandparent making a comment about ripped jeans, but why do you hate yourself, just put some clothes on.

6. "Why do you need to shout?"

Seriously, I am just trying to mind my own business, I don't need to know about how Billy broke your heart last Tuesday. Lower your voice if you're in public please.

7. "How do you iPhone?"

When I was that age, I could barely afford to use the payphone, let alone buy an $900 iPhone. Where does your money come from, and can I please have some of it.

8. "Shouldn't you be in school right now?"

Whenever I am out during the day, I see teenagers everywhere. I can't comprehend how they manage to skip school so often. Call me old fashioned, but in my day we actually went to school.

9. "Why am I kind of scared of you?"

There's something about today's teens that terrifies me. Not that I feel like they are going to mug me or anything, but something about them is weirdly intimidating. This could just be me, I don't really know.

What are your thoughts when you see today's teens?