10 Tech Problems We All Suffered Through in the 90s

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The 90s were a time for great tech disasters and we loved every minute of it. Here's 10 times your head felt like it was going to explode due to technology being annoying:

1. Your mom not wanting to take you to Blockbuster.

There's no better way to ruin a Friday night than your mom telling you she won't take you to Blockbuster.

Also devastating: If your mom let's you go to Blockbuster but when your try to convince her to buy movie snacks in the line she says, "We have food at home." The whole Blockbuster experience was an emotional roller coaster.

2. Dial-up.

This concept seems ridiculous now but we had to wait, for what felt like hours with a screaming beeping noise in our ears just to get on the internet.

You were really lucky if you got five minutes of internet time before your mom yelled at you to get off the computer so she could use the phone. But we never took this for granted, because the idea of the internet was insane.

3. Kid Pix.

Before I start this one, I want to make it clear that Kid Pix was the best thing that happened to my childhood and it was not a problem. That being said, every time I tried to use the Kid Pix stampinator, my computer would freak out and freeze for 10 minutes. This one could just be a "me" problem, but I will always remember how frustrating it was. If anyone else remembers this problem please let me know so I know I'm not crazy.

4. Not seeing your photos until they're developed.

We often take for granted the fact that we now have digital devices that we can view pictures and erase them if they're horrible. There was a time when we were growing up, that we couldn't see our pictures until they were developed. And that means, that ugly picture of you will be put on the mantel whether you like it or not.  

5. Having to talk to your friend's parents every time you call.

Whenever you wanted to talk to your friend's, you had to call their home phone, obviously. And every time you called, their parents would pick up and it was awkward as heck. This got a lot more awkward if it was your crush you were calling to talk to.

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