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13 Pictures That Will Remind You Just How Crazy The '90s Rave Scene Was

There was no better place to wear JNCO jeans or florescent-colored visors than a rave in the 90s. If you were a teen at the time, chances are you went to at least one of these all night dance parties while sporting some sort of glow stick.

Looking back, maybe you'd regret some of your fashion choices but I am sure you had fun at the time! Do any of these images ring any bells for you?

There's a lot of VERY 90s specific things in this image, I don't even know how to focus on it all

Look at any individual person and you will be reminded of a different 90s trend

This doesn't look exceptionally comfortable to wear but to each their own

Glow sticks are an absolute must at any rave

I see that Tamogatchi you're wearing there, is it doing okay?

Sometimes the parties would get way bigger than you expected

Are you having flashbacks to the 90s yet?

Dance like no one's watching

Playing that music got real intense

Whoever owned the JNCO jean brand must have made an absolute fortune in the 90s

Who wants to head to a place called the "Vibe Tribe"

Cops didn't love them though

There's just a lot going on at once

Do you think the glasses were provided because they all match?

Were you a part of the 90s rave music scene?