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12 Board Games We All Remember Playing, Even If We Don't Remember Their Names

The 90s were an absolute goldmine for wacky, weird, and just flat out insane board games, with equally insane commercials. I'll bet you any amount of money that you've played some of these, but probably couldn't remember the name if you tried!

Fireball Island, or as we called it, "that game with all the awesome traps"

Splat, the game all about squishing your friends' insects

Don't Wake Daddy, where you had to sneak your way around a spring-loaded dad

Pizza Party, which makes me hungry just looking at it

These next few games are just a total nostalgia trip...

The Grape Escape, where you basically tortured grapes made out of clay

13 Dead End Drive, or an exercise in murdering your friends

Crocodile Dentist, which my fingers are sore just remembering

Dream Phone, where you got to talk to your crush

Mr. Bucket, because sometimes you just wanted to run around like an idiot

Girl Talk, when "truth or dare" needed more rules and a board

KerPlunk, like Jenga but 1000 times more tense

And of course, Crossfire, which we ALL remember from the commercial

What was your favorite 90s board game?