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7 Shows That Prove We Were All A Little Obsessed With Anime

These English-dubbed Japanese anime shows were aired on channels like Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. Here's a list of some of our favorites!


Most of us started out watching Pokémon, so Digimon was pretty cool to watch too. It was nice to hear what the Digimon thought, whereas the only Pokémon that could say something was Meowth, and he was annoying anyway.


This fantasy card game nearly became our reality, whether it was watching the lives of young Yugi Moto and his friends Joey, Tristan, and Téa or playing the trading card game with our friends.

Sailor Moon

The theme song is probably playing in your head by just looking at the photo. Sailor Moon made its debut in the U.S. in the mid 90s and people couldn't get enough of it. I'm sure every girl dreamed of being at least one of these Sailor Scouts.

We haven't even gotten to some of the best ones!


This action-packed adventure Japanese series appeared in 2005 and had a huge following for its engaging plot and compelling characters. Also, Naruto never gave up, so he was an inspiration to us all.

Dragon Ball (Z)

This show was everything you could ever ask for. It was packed with a riveting story and it was also hilarious.

For example ...


Either we were jealous of Kagome's ability to jump into a well into another world or we were jealous of Inuyasha's awesomeness for being half-demon. Also, it was a pretty decent love story.


You knew you were (or still are) obsessed with Pokémon when you immediately downloaded the Pokémon Go app last summer. This show was filled with lots of adventures and lovable Pokémon we wished we could catch in real life. We all had something Pokémon related, whether it was a poster, toy, trading cards or Game Boy console.

How many of these Japanese anime shows were you obsessed with?