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9 Damn Fine Things You Need In Your Life If You're Obsessed With Twin Peaks


One of the most wonderful things about the '90s has to be just how openly weird it was. Our movies were weird, our toys were bizarre, hell even our drinks were strange. But when it came to television, you couldn't get much weirder than Twin Peaks. Thanks to the delightfully insane mind of David Lynch, what seemed like a small town murder mystery became, well, something else entirely.

While we finally got the triumphant return of the series (at least for a little while), what is a coffee-loving, cherry pie-eating fan to do once there are no new episodes? Well, thanks to the renewed popularity of Lynch's surreal saga, there are plenty of ways that we can show our love for all things Twin Peaks.

1) Twin Peaks T-Shirt

Why not wear your love on your sleeve? Or, well, your torso, but still. For around $20 (price varies by size) you can have your very own Twin Peaks t-shirt, which is a damn fine addition to any wardrobe.

2) Dale Cooper's Tape Recorder

Now you can leave your own messages for Diane, or at least look like you are with this phone case that looks exactly like Agent Cooper's tape recorder. Just don't forget to tell her about the pie.

3) A Secret Diary

If you've got a bunch of crazy, Earth-shattering secrets, you obviously need somewhere to write them all down - you know, just in case you get murdered. With a diary like this, you and Laura Palmer can match, but you probably shouldn't try to imitate her beyond that.

4) The Great Northern Hotel Key Chain

We may never get to visit the fabled Great Northern Hotel, but this key chain at least let's us pretend that we have. If the true-to-the-show green doesn't suit you, you can also get it in black.

5) The Secret History of Twin Peaks

If you're a completionist who has to know absolutely everything there is to know about your favorite show, then this book is for you. Set up as a collection of documents that chart the chronological history of Twin Peaks, Washington, Mark Frost's book begins with the area's exploration by Lewis and Clark, and continues right up into the events of the original series, giving background details into the pasts of many of the characters. A "sequel" novel, Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier comes out this October and will cover what happened in the 25 years between the original series and the revival that is currently airing.

6) Black Lodge Poster

If you've ever felt that your home was lacking...something, maybe all you need is this poster inspired by The Black Lodge's Red Room to uh, spice the place up a little. I'm sure Martha Stewart would agree that every home could use a little extra-dimensional flair.

7) Twin Peaks Recipe Book

If you've ever found yourself wishing that the Double R Diner existed in real life, or that you could at least try some of their pie, now you can (sorta). Lindsey Bowden's Twin Peaks cookbook collects over 100 recipes inspired by both the food and the characters that appear in the series. This book is also perfect for anyone planning a Twin Peaks-themed viewing party.

8) Twin Peaks Action Figures

Now you can re-enact all your favorite Twin Peaks scenes in a smaller scale, thanks to these retro-style Funko action figures. The only characters currently available are Dale, Laura, BOB, and The Log Lady, but there are plenty of other characters available as POP Vinyls that you could use as stand-ins.

9) Your Own Log

If you don't know who the Log Lady in your friend group is, then chances are you are the Log Lady in your friend group. Why not embrace it with your very own log? This one has the added bonus of being lighter, softer, and less messy than an actual log, plus carrying it everywhere means no matter where you are you'll always have a pillow handy. I'm not sure why we didn't think of this sooner.