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20 Playgrounds That Absolutely Should Not Exist

You would think designing a playground would be a fun task. Trying to figure out what makes kids happy while keeping them safe is a tough balance but it seems like something that would be an alright job.

As it turns out, it's a lot harder than you might think. There's a lot of things that can go VERY wrong. Sometimes the theory of a play structure sounds great, but when you actually build it the result is something less than stellar.

These playgrounds are reminiscent of those horrifying abandoned theme parks we looked at before, except they don't have the excuse of being old and decrepit because they are intended for use by children.  

Can you imagine coming across these parks when you were a kid?

1. Excuse me, but who thought this was smart?

2. Look both ways before you ride the slide!

3. Could we maybe have picked a better location? Yes...

4. This is not the kind of playground you send kids to if you would like to avoid jail time...

5. This is one way to prevent kids from thinking they can go all the way around...

6. Hope your kid has good reflexes!

7. The perfect playground for even the tiniest kids!

8. It's probably the fastest slide in all the world, so at least when you break your ankles you can pretend to be impressive

9. Except maybe this one...

10. It's a long way down to the end of this slide

Just you wait, there are even worse ones that we haven't gotten to yet

11. DUCK!

12. Ummmmmm.....

13. That's one way to raise the stakes

14. There are just so many reasons why clowns are creepy

15. Who thought this was at all acceptable??

16. I don't understand how these things get approved?

17. Seriously... how?

18. I mean, I want to go on record and say this is pretty much unacceptable?

19. Seriously, these are out there

20. Maybe this one is just for the ghosts?

Have you ever been to a terrible playground? Share your story or pictures in the comments!