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9 Actors From The '80s Who Have Aged Like Fine Wine

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While our favorite actors from the 80s don't always keep their careers going, there's the happy few that not only manage to stay relevant, but also look great doing it. Here's just a few people that we loved then, and still love now.

Jennifer Beals

The Flashdance star didn't have much of a career in Hollywood, but did go on to plenty of success on TV, starring in shows like The L Word and Taken.

John Stamos

The General Hospital and Full House star was a complete heartthrob in the 80s, and has continued acting in TV shows well into the present day.

Lisa Bonet

We all remember her as Denise Huxtable from The Cosby Show, but she's taken a long hiatus from acting to raise her kids alongside husband Jason Momoa.

Eddie Murphy

After massive successes with his run on SNL, his standup and his Beverly Hills Cop movies, Eddie's career has cooled a bit over the years, though he's clearly still got it; he received an Oscar nomination in 2009 for Dreamgirls.

These next few actors are especially impressive...

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