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9 Commercials From The 90s We Still Reference Even If We Don't Remember Why

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The 90s were definitely a strange decade. One need not look any further than our television viewing habits, complete with the exceedingly weird commercials that for some reason used to convince us to do things or purchase random products.  

As I searched through various archives for the most ridiculous of 90s commercials, I was hit with both a feeling or nostalgia, and more than a bit of incredulity. Some of these are just freaking mind blowing for how bad they are! I will let you be the judge.

Here are 9 of the strangest commercials to ever come out of the 90s.

1. Miss Cleo

I have no idea who these commercials actually worked on, but come on, even as a kid I knew that these had to be as fake as a $4.00 bill.  

2. Gak

One of those kids toys with a terrible name, and a terrible commercial. It makes Gak look like it is some kind of illegal drug based on the facial expressions some of the kids had.

3. Wasssssup?

We all remember how popular this saying was back in the day. After this commercial premiered you could barely go anywhere without hearing one of your friends start screaming this at you.

4. Muzzy

I don't know about any of you, but I can't imagine this commercial "convincing" anyone that it was time for their children to learn how to speak French. It is more likely to induce someone into taking a nap.

It get's even stranger from here on out.

5. TMNT Drug PSA

Good on the Turtles for attempting to keep kids drug free, but honestly, that didn't convince anyone of anything. And having talking turtles telling you not to do drugs is a little oxy-moronic don't you think? And have you ever seen a 9-year-old drug dealer?

6. Mentos meets wet paint.

This one is complete bull plop. Unless Mentos are a mind-altering stimulant, it isn't going to give you any ideas on how to fix any predicament. No matter how many times you attempt to do this to your suit, you're still going to look like an idiot. And that music LOL.

7. When you're trying too hard.

The Flintstones managed to get their own cereal in the early 90s, and they really tried to make sure they marketed it well. I just don't see how having Barney run up in Fred's house and start rapping was going to get it done. Can you say stereotypes?

8. Two is better than one?

Remember this Double Mint Gum commercial? The one where they use multiple sets of twins out having a "good" time to show you how much better "Double" Mint is compared to the rest of their competitors. Sure, sure guys, we can obviously see how much fun you're having chewing that gum.

9. Yo quiero taco bell

What ever happened to the Taco Bell Chihuahua? All I can remember is that he helped sell some tacos back in the 90s. Realistically, who was actually convinced to buy food by this little dog?

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