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Which 80s Movie You Should Watch Next Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Our zodiac signs say a lot about us, from what our love life looks like, to what we should eat for breakfast. Just in case you weren't completely sick of hearing about your zodiac sign, here is the perfect 80s movies for you, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

This movie basically describes you, I don't know if Ferris was an Aries, but he sure seemed like it. This is exactly something you would do for a friend feeling down. Your independent and courageous spirit wouldn't think twice about skipping school to have a wild and memorable day in the city.

You would even be more tempted to do this if you had a friend like Cameron, if people aren't having fun you're going to do anything in your power to ensure they do.

Taurus - Say Anything

Say Anything is a perfect movie for you, because of your natural persistent and solid "fight for what you want" attitude. In the movie, Lloyd never stops fighting for Diane. At first she seems unattainable, but that doesn't stop him. When he convinces her of himself, he faces another obstacle of her father not approving.

He really doesn't care what the obstacle is, he knows what he wants and he fights for it, just like you would do.

Gemini - Dirty Dancing

You love to teach and chat, making every social event the time of your life. This is exactly why you'll adore this movie. You'll spend the entire moving wishing something exactly like that would happen in your own life.

Cancer - Sixteen Candles

With your sensitive and emotional nature, it almost feels like everyone has forgotten your birthday, everyday. It's not that you're necessarily needy, you just often forget people care about you and need reassurance.

Even though no one would actually ever forget your birthday, while watching this you would definitely be thinking, "This seems like it's right out of my life."

Leo - Footloose

Your energy helps everyone else shine, and express themselves boldly. This is also something that Footloose teaches us. It doesn't hurt that standing up for what you believe in would make you the center of attention.

Virgo - Back to the Future

As Virgo, you are very mind oriented. You are constantly analyzing and thinking. You enjoy bettering yourself and those around you. So, Back to the Future is the perfect movie for you.

You would totally be the mastermind that creates a time machine, and if it didn't work, there's no way you would leave a friend in the future, you would help them return home.  

Libra - Valley Girl

You get along with almost everyone you meet. You are extremely well liked and very popular. You're so awesome because you accept people for who they are, rather than judging them just by what you see.

You are a total Valley Girl because, you're popular but sometimes you just want to hang with a bad boy.

Scorpio - Pretty in Pink

You are very intense. You like to question everything and work hard to make sense of things. You treat others with kindness and loyalty. You would treat a situation similarly to how Andie does.

You would love this movie because you would be able to relate to Andie in a lot of ways.

Sagittarius - Risky Business

You definitely like adventure and anything that keeps you entertained. This is why you will love Risky Business. Not that you would ever want to be in the same situation that Joel was in, but you will get a thrill out of watching it unfold.

Who are we kidding? You would definitely get yourself into a crazy and exhilarating situation like this.

Capricorn - Stand by Me

In your real life, you are always in control of every situation. In a movie, you like something a little different. Stand by Me offers you the thrill of mystery and confusion.

Although you will absolutely hate not knowing and not being in control of the story, this will give you an adrenaline rush, that other signs may not experience.

Aquarius - Can't Buy Me Love

You usually don't care too much what others think of you, and you fight for social justice. You will love Can't Buy Me Love for it's look into high school social circles and for the overall message that social success isn't everything.

Aside from the social stuff, this movie is a classic and one of my absolute favorites, partly because it stars Patrick Dempsey.

Pisces - The Breakfast Club

You are often very reserved and sensitive. You hate when people misinterpret you, although it happens almost all the time. You probably love The Breakfast Club, because the whole movie is about looking past people's stereotypes and really getting to know them. This is what you wish people would do for you.

Is your zodiac right about your favorite 80s movies?