8 Times Gwen Stefani Was No Doubt A Style Icon

Fashion from the 90's is back in full force. From distressed denim, to choker necklaces, it feels like we can open up one of our high school yearbooks and be completely relevant in our style again.

From her blue-hair, to her glamorous red lipstick, Gwen Stefani's fashion was "no doubt" one of the most iconic evolution of the 90's.

Pastel Hair Colors

Before Katy Perry showed off her blue locks, Stefani showed off the electric-blue hair at the MTV Video Music Awards in September 1998. The rest of the outfit is so totally 90s right now; from the jewels on her face, to the strange wardrobe.

Retro-Punch Wardrobe

When Gwen took the stage at the Shoreline Amphitheatre on June 14, 1996 dressed in yellow patent leather pants with a chunky black belt and a cropped white tank top, a style was born.

"I never had a stylist or a makeup artist or even an assistant. I had my makeup box and I had my suitcase," Gwen said.

When Girls Wore Ties

I think all girls remember pairing a splashy colored tie with their outfits as part of a 'punk' style motivated by Gwen. At Super Bowl 2002, Gwen played out a plaid punk look with knee-high boots, a single red biker glove, and a tie, bikini, tank top, vest combo.

Red Lipstick

What better way for a girl to stand out than those big bright red lips! Gwen was always able to pull off that Hollywood glam look and make it her own.

The nostalgia continues with these great styles.

The No Doubt lead singer was definitely not afraid to take some risks with her wardrobe, sporting, at times, some odd combinations.

"I just always was that girl who was into style and makeup. I can remember getting into high school and getting into music and that’s probably when it really started," she said.


Her entry into being a fashion icon was not intentional.

"I was so naive. I didn’t know anything about real fashion. Growing up in Orange County, I would look at magazines and I’d be, like, anti-magazine: “Oh, my God, you can’t get those clothes, they’re so expensive!” I would just be all about getting a pair of old men’s pajamas and pegging them, making my own stuff. I just wanted to dress different from everyone else, and I don’t know why," she said.

Short Hair, Don't Care

From brightly-colored hair to long blonde locks, Gwen seems to have done it all. That includes all of these mini pony tails in her short do. We all had at least one friend that rocked this style in high school, maybe it was you?


Jewels Everywhere

Whether they were on your face accenting your brow or all over your tank top, jewels were a staple in Gwen's wardrobe and ours too!

Big Studded Belts

A staple of the punk-style, these oversized studded belts were something that caught the eye right away. Even if you didn't need a belt for you pants you wore one.

Showing off the Midriff

Before we hit the freshman fifteen, we weren't afraid to show some naval. While most of us never looked like Gwen, we loved showing a little skin- because well it was the time!


How many of these fashion trends would you bring back?