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7 Weird Food Commercials That Will Remind You Just How Bizarre Your Childhood Was

We have shown you some old commercials for clothing in the 80s, we have reminded you of the strange toy commercials from the 90s, but there is still so much more weirdness out in the world.

The 90s were perhaps the pinnacle of weird as far as commercials go. I mean, sure there are still some really bizarre ones on TV, but nothing quite as strange as these. The food commercials from the 90s were perhaps the worst of all.

Check out 7 of the weirdest food commercials from the 90s and see if you remember any of them!


Because everyone thought that having their head turn into a melon was a good time?


Lego my Eggo is probably one of the most 90s tag lines possible. There were so many different versions all ending in the classic line.


The Freshmaker will keep you calm in any situation! Even if you completely destroy a suit because you can't read a wet paint sign!

Got Milk?

The campaign that you would consider one of the most successful was actually a bit upsetting when you watch them back...


There were a lot of classic Pepsi commercials in the 90s, but this little girl was the best of the best.

Taco Bell

Who didn't love this tiny little dog with an eye for discount tacos?

Budweiser Wassup

Is there any commercial more iconic than this one? it's just such a 90s thing...

Which commercial was your favorite when you were a kid?

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