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7 Times Paul Reubens Proved He Is More Than Just PeeWee Herman

Most of us know him as the one and only PeeWee Herman, but Paul Reubens was a lot more than that. He didn't start off as the iconic character we all recognize so well, and even after he started his show he continued in other parts as well. He has actually had a lot of fairly memorable roles that you may not have even realized were him! Check out the 7 roles that you probably didn't realize were him below!


The Blues Brothers - Waiter in Chez Paul

Universal Pictures

While his role wasn't enormous, it was one of his first. He had started out in the comedy world as part of The Groundlings.

Mork & Mindy - Dickie Nimitz


Being able to act alongside Robin Williams is a privilege and Reubens is so lucky.

Batman Returns - Penguin's Father

Warner Bros.

He was responsible for creating the interesting looking Oswald Cobblepot (AKA Penguin) so that's a pretty huge thing.

There are so many more roles that you won't believe you didn't notice before...

Matilda - FBI Agent Bob

TriStar Pictures

He's SO different from PeeWee in this role, maybe just because I don't know that he smiles at all in the entire movie.

Mystery Men - The Spleen

Universal Pictures

As an unlikely (and unpleasant to look at) "hero" Reubens plays is almost completely unrecognizable in this role!

Blow - Derek Foreal

New Line Cinema

Subject matter-wise, this movie is WAY off from PeeWee. This movie starring Johnny Depp is all about drugs and how they are trafficked... Probably not something that PeeWee should be involved in.

Gotham - Elijah Van Dahl


Reubens has returned to Gotham, but now he plays Elijah Van Dahl in a reccuring role on the TV show.

Did you realize that he had so many roles that were completely different from PeeWee Herman?