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20 Times Freddie Mercury Proved He Was Both The Best Singer And The King Of Fashion

Some people claim to be legends, but no one is quite as iconic as Freddie Mercury. He is undeniably talented, outrageously unique and a true treasure that was lost too soon.

While we all miss his fantastic voice, we also miss his amazing style. He was never afraid to go his own way and make unique choices that literally no one else could ever pull off. Sure, the movie they are making about the band will probably include some of his iconic outfits, but there are probably too many good ones to include them all. Here are some of the best that we hope make an appearance.

Who else could look this good in diamond print pants?

This is probably his most popular and memorable outfit

Casual 'All American Boy' tank

Ready for the black tie affair

Red leather pants with a Superman friend? Perfect.

This is a VERY deep 'V'

Well, everything about this is perfect. I know this is the same as the first one, but without the jacket it's a whole new look

There is no hat too big for Freddie

No one could lunge quite like him

You need confidence for this outfit


I promise they only get better from here...

Seriously, where can I get this vest? I would like it please...

That's one fancy fur coat!

Gettin' ready for the big show!

Absolutely amazing

Lookin' good

His collection of spandex jumpsuits must have been intense

He is so glittery and wonderful

I have no explanation for this, but also, I don't want one.

His super amazing look for the "I Want To Break Free" music Video

And of course: This mustache counts as an outfit all on its own

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