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6 Of The Best Ways Our Parents Got Us To Play Outside In The 90s

Growing up in a time where video games were just starting to become more mainstream, parents had to try to find ways to make playing outside more fun. They had a whole summer vacation to keep you busy for and couldn't have you wasting away in front of the Nintendo!

So what did they do? They got us the coolest and most awesome toys that you could only use outside! They would fill us up with Koolaid then send us on our way with one of these amazing things. How many of these do you remember?

1. Super Soakers

Super Soakers came out and they completely revolutionized the concept of a water gun fight. Every kid wanted one! They shot so far and actually made a pretty impressive impact when you hit your friends. No backyard was complete without one.

2. Slip n' Slide

You might look at a Slip n' Slide now and think, "hey, that is just tarp on the ground", but obviously you would be wrong. It is the most fun tarp on the ground you could ever imagine! You would just run and side, and hope you had enough coordination to actually land on the tarp (I was not).

3. Crazy Daisy

If a regular old sprinkler wasn't fun enough, there was always the Crazy Daisy. It would hook up to the hose and then the top part would flail around like crazy (hence the name). You'd run around and get splashed with the freezing cold hose water which was always a good time.

4. Skip It

If you were ready to take a break from the water you could try out your Skip It for a bit. You would just put this around your ankle and pray with all your might that it would hit you with that hard plastic end piece because there are few pains worse than that.

5. Roller Blades

There was no better feeling than getting out on that open road with the ability to go as fast as your little legs could pump. Some people were so skilled at it that they could do super cool jumps and tricks, while the rest of us were left struggling to balance, but absolutely refusing to give up.

6. Classic Sprinkler

There is nothing quite like the original. It's classic, it's simple and pretty much everyone had one.

Surviving the heat of the summer and the many weeks of unplanned days was accomplished a lot differently back in the 90s. Which was your favorite summer activity?

Share with your friends to see if they remember any of these!

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