5 Main Differences between Students in the 90’s and Today

There is an entirely different set of lifestyles between students in the 90s and now. Today, a lot has changed in terms of technology, personal preferences and fashion. In the modern setting, the most commonly used platform that lacked in the 90s is social media. Students meet and socialize on the platforms, but in the 90s, you had to travel miles to meet people. With the absence of Google, no doubt that education in the 90s was very strenuous because there was no information to complete assignments.

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The following are highlights of the differences which exist between students in the 90s vs today:

1.     Use of College Catalogs

In the 90s, students had a very difficult time accessing complex websites because they took ages to load. Besides, emails were not very common then. So, if you wanted to search for a particular school, you ended up with too many magazines and paper catalogs informing you about the college. If you needed to submit your application, the only option was to post in or deliver physically at the college.

The technology in the 90s vs today cannot be compared because nowadays, students can easily access college websites and log in to apply without any physical movement. They can also make payments in less than a minute. Fortunately, the internet also has reviews where you can compare and settle for the best school.

2.     Bulletin Boards

During the 90s, mobile phones were very rare to find. You could come across a few bulky ones, but they had no interesting features. You could not even play a game, and they were somehow cumbersome. Students were required to physically check news, notices, and scores from the bulletin boards. Funny enough, you had to go to the campus and read from the board that the class had been canceled.

Currently, there is a lot of transformation and students can visit the school portals to get all the information. If the instructor is not available, the information can be relayed through text messages or email because all students possess mobile phones or laptops.

3.     Free Time

Modern education has evolved to enable students to use gadgets for easy learning. However, they need them to pass the time and refresh their minds. When not attending class, you will find many of them playing online games, browsing social media platforms or watching movies online using their devices.

The 90s group did not have the privilege to watch movies from the palm of their hands. If they needed to relax, they had to listen to a walkman or travel to movie theatres, which was time-consuming. PlayStations were not easy to find, if you found one, you could spend hours trying to fix cables to set it up.

4.     Availability of the Internet

In the 90s, very few homes were fixed with the internet. There were attempts to connect through phone lines, but it was very slow. Students could not download files. If you lived during those days, you could not dream of any possibility of finding information in seconds through simple clicks. Apart from finding useful information on the internet, you can access useful study tools for checking spellings, plagiarism and grammar. As a result, learners can improve their grades by refining their essays to meet the professor’s requirements.

5.     Owning a Computer

The 90s students only knew about computers installed in their homes, meaning they never owned laptops. The machines were also cumbersome and took time to startup or shutdown. It was quite difficult to type because the keyboards were hefty with huge buttons. Students could not access the word document until they created usernames for them.

Today, almost every student owns a laptop or tablet, which has far better properties than the computers of the 90s. It is much simpler to type assignments because of the sleek keyboards that are so inviting. As long as you find space, you can even complete tasks on mobile phones and email them to the professor.

Final Thoughts

This comparison proves that modern students have a smooth ride in their education. They have better chances to complete assignments, find learning resources and also enjoy leisure time. This freedom should, however, be handled carefully because the internet has too much information that can leave you more confused than when you started your research. Despite significant challenges experienced in the 90s, there were minimal workloads and learners were safer.