30 Things That Didn't Exist 30 Years Ago That We Can't Imagine Living Without

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Do you remember a time when you had to find a payphone to make a call or search out a map to find directions to your destination?

Over the last three decades technology has attempted to make our lives easier. With that, we almost forget how we ever lived without it. All 30 of these things didn't exist 30 years ago, and you will be surprised about how forgot to manage without them.

1. Fruit Pouches

Teaching little ones to serve themselves, these pre-made snacks are perfect for parents on the go. I bet our parents would have loved these when we were growing up.

Pure Wow

2. GPS

GPS went from something used by only the military and government to something that is part of your car, phone and even your watch- all in your lifetime. Remember when Google Maps and MapQuest seemed state-of-the-art?


3. Hotmail

Remember coming up with a cute email address when Hotmail first launched? Yup, that was in 1996.


4. Febreze

This household name was nothing short of a miracle when it was introduced in 1998.


5. Selfies

Can you imagine someone in the 80's holding out a disposable camera for a selfie? You'd likely only get your forehead in the frame and you wouldn't know it until you went to take the pictures to get developed.

Thots n Tots

6. Swiffer

Swiffer sweepers changed the way we cleaned our floors. Saving us from constantly having to bring out the mop and bucket, Swiffer made cleaning easier when it was introduced in 1999.

Rite Aid

7. Diaper Genies

Tossing a dirty diaper in the regular trash caused a terrible odor in the house that was hard to get rid of. Showing up in nurseries across America some time in the 1990s, this was an essential invention for any new parent.

8. The Disney Store

Do you remember your parents taking you on a trip to the Disney Store and it was the best thing ever? These famous stores didn't make their mall appearance until 1987.


9. Cake Smashes

Back in our day, smashing your hands into a cake would be cause for punishment, not a photo shoot.

10. Wikipedia

Remember having to go to the library to pull the encyclopedias off the shelf to do research for a project? Kids today have no idea how lucky they are that Wikipedia came into our lives in 2001.

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