These Are The Top Baby Names From The 80s

We told you what the popular names of 2016 were, but what about the popular names from the decade you were born? The 80s were a pretty fantastic time. Between the neon colors, the leg warmers and the 800 cans of hairspray used per day, the decade was pretty solid all around.

You might have your suspicions of what you think the top name is, but will you be right?


Top 10 Boys Names In The 1980s:

10. Joseph

9. Robert

8. John

7. Joshua

6. Matthew

5. James

4. David

3. Jason

2. Christopher

1. Michael

I think we can all agree that we all had at least two of each in our elementary school classes right?


Top 10 Girls Names In The 1980s:

10. Michelle

9. Elizabeth

8. Amy

7. Nicole

6. Heather

5. Sarah

4. Melissa

3. Jessica

2. Amanda

1. Jennifer

I would have thought Jessica would have been number one!


Did your name make the top ten? Mine sure did not, but I definitely knew a lot of Jessicas, Amandas, Michaels and Christophers!

Share with all the 80s babies you know and see if you agree with the order!