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25 Crafts Absolutely Everyone Made In Art Class

DrawingsForKidsArtPainting / YouTube

I wish I could go back to the simpler days, when we all spent an hour of our day building some crafts with paste, cardboard and pipe cleaners. Then, we could bring it home and show our parents.

You really don't know what you've got until it's gone. Take a trip down memory lane with these 25 crafts that we all made in art class at least once.

1. First and foremost, we made this craft in every class

A masterpiece.

2. We all decorated our home with a few of these

Was anybody dumb enough to put an actual candle in one of them?

3. And this was how teachers distracted us for a few minutes

"Done already? Add another 10 links to yours then."

4. Every holiday season we brought home one of these

5. A papier mache...something

Your result varied based on your skill level...and your patience.

6. The classic egg carton caterpillar

7. Paper bag puppets

8. A painted birdhouse that no bird would be seen in

9. An origami creation

Which was probably flat by the time it got home in your backpack. Good luck remembering all those steps!

10. Clay ashtrays

Yours probably didn't look as good as this one, no offence.

11. Friendship bracelets

Kudos to you if you're still wearing one after all these years! And does anyone remember cereal bracelets?

Fun and edible.

12. Now listen while I playyyyy....my paper plate tambourine...

Nothing sounded quite like a class full of second graders shaking these things.

My favorite craft is up next...

13. Thanksgiving isn't complete without one of these

But you don't have to wait for the holiday season to have fun.

14. Remember decorating your textbook covers?

You parents sent you to school with a boring, brown paper cover, but a few hours of doodling fixed that.

Or maybe your parents were a bit more creative.

15. This was easy but really fun...yarn critters!

16. Macaroni art

Again, another case where some kids turned out masterpieces, and other kids...just glued some macaroni onto cardboard.

17. Cutting up these could be really tough...

One wrong snip...and it's all over. These were much less stressful:

18. Wind chimes and rain sticks

It seems like art teachers would make anything that could bother our parents.

19. We all made a painting of "The House"

Add a chimney with a little curl of smoke and this is perfect.

20. A nice little set of cotton ball clouds

What did this teach us again? Something about clouds? I definitely don't remember whatever it was.

21. A paper plate turtle

The best way to make this craft is slow and steady.

22. Popsicle stick coasters

Everybody still has one or two of these things somewhere in their house.

23. Cootie Catchers

"Gasp! It says your crush likes you back!"

24. Weepuls

What were Weepuls? Who came up with them? Why were we so obsessed with them?! I guess we'll never know the answers...(just kidding).

25. And while we couldn't take this home, we wished we could!

If you were lucky enough to have Kid Pix on your home computer: congratulations, I hate you.

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