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20 Prom Photos The Will Give All 80s Kids Severe Flashbacks

Prom is a pretty big deal for teens. They all freak out about the perfect dress, the perfect hair style and making sure they have the perfect date. There is a lot that goes into planning this 'perfect evening,' but over time those choices seem to make less and less sense.

The 80s are probably one of the most notorious decades when it comes to fashion. There were a lot of decisions that looking back we know weren't the greatest, but honestly, at the time we thought we were SO cool. Are you ready to relive the fashion mistakes we all made?

The poofy shoulders were a real epidemic

I guess almost everyone went to the same hairstylist huh?

I wonder why people don't wear full length gloves anymore, they were just so classy!

This way, you don't need a mirror, you can just check your makeup in your dress

No only do you coordinate your outfit to your date, you also had to have matching hair styles!

The important question here is: who had more hairspray in their hair? Trick question, it's a tie!

There is just so much going on here...

Why would a prom picture need to be on a bridge? Are they crossing into adulthood? What is the reasoning behind this?

The iconic and important prom pose is one that will be present in any and every generation


Honestly, they just keep getting weirder and weirder...

This was a fashion choice and they committed wholeheartedly

It's just such a classic pose, you can't go wrong!

Those are some fancy boots!

The circumference of your hair should be as large as possible

There are no words to describe this one

Mullets are just so important and epic, especially when they have been extensively bleached

You know you are the coolest kid in school if you have a tattoo and a leather jacket

Hair choices were not our strong suit in the 80s...

White suits really make a statement don't they

What is this background?

Did these pictures bring back any vivid memories? Share your embarrassing prom photos in the comments!