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20 Pictures That'll Make You Long For The Last Great Decade: The '90s

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Before the turn of the century, there was a decade like no other.

In this time, there was pop music that everyone could agree on, dance moves that made everyone want to move their bodies, sitcoms that made everyone laugh and fashion we all still love today.

The '90s were filled with so much nostalgia that it would take thousands of pictures to bring back all our favorite childhood memories.

Here are 20 pictures that will do the '90s some justice.

1. Breakfast had more magic to it back in the day.

2. You had to catch 'em all in that bowl.


4. Candies that turned into chewing gum were the hottest item on the playground.

5. You can still smell the colors from Mr. Sketch Smelly Markers. Made us feel high as a plane.

6. R.L. Stine and his thrilling adventures.

7. Every kid had one of these turned on in their bedrooms.

8. This was the crossover of the decade.

9. You never knew where you stood on this debate.

10. These are making a comeback now, and it's not surprising why.

11. I bet you're singing the theme song right now, and you won't stop until you say the last word.

12. They said this would be better than Mountain Dew...but was it?

13. Were you a daredevil or did you wait for this to pop up?

14. Who didn't have a stretchy smiley men collection?


15. This is why you went to school.

16. It started out as a book, until arts and crafts class consisted of making dozens of these every year.

17. You had to pound the top of this TV box with your fist until it started working again... or you may have played around with the antenna.

18. Inflatable chairs were a good time in every season except summer.

19. We lived for this game.

20. Do you remember trying to shove this big baby in your pocket?  

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