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20 Kool-Aid Flavors You Used To Be Absolutely Obsessed With

There was no drink that was more important or delicious than Kool-Aid. There is no room for argument, because Kool-Aid was the best of the best. Sure, now we know that it's just all sugar and has no nutritional value, but when you're a kid, who cares?

Kool-Aid knew exactly what they were doing. They marketed their product specifically to kids. They had super fun commercials, clever names for their products and the best cups to go with the drinks. No one could resist their charm.

But unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. A lot of the flavors that we were addicted to as kids no longer exist. Sometimes we are lucky enough for them to bring the classic flavors back for a limited release, but is it ever really enough? No, never.

How many of these iconic flavors do you remember?

Rock-a-Dile Red had one of the best packages ever made

Purplesaurus Rex was one of the most delicious flavors ever made

Great Bluedini was always a great treat

Incrediberry made us feel like super heroes because it changed colors!

Pink Swimmingo was absolutely perfect

Sharkleberry Fin was as cool as that shark's sunglasses

Berry Blue later became Ice Blue but it was always a favorite

Bedrock Orange was a nice way to benefit off the Flintstones craze

Candy Apple was a weird concept but some people liked it

Solar Strawberry Starfruit was a real superstar

There are still so many more flavors we remember...

Blue Moon Berry was totally out of this world

Apple was nice for those who didn't want apple juice, just the apple flavor I guess...

Root-Beer is not a flavor you would expect from Kool-Aid, but I guess some people liked it!

Arctic Green Apple would tingle in your mouth so that was an experience that you couldn't forget

Blastin' Berry Cherry was my all time favorite, it was the perfect beverage

Lemonade was the best lemonade ever, no doubt about it

Rainbow Punch was the best jumble of flavors

Surfin' Berry Punch was simple and delicious

Kickin-Kiwi-Lime were one of the best Island Twists flavors

Lemon Ice was another one that would tingle when you would drink it, and people were divided on if that was a good thing or an awful thing

Which of these flavors was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!