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20 Abandoned Amusement Park Characters You'd Probably Rather Not Find

There are few things that are more exciting than going to a theme park as a kid. Whether it's a Disney, Universal, or any smaller local park it will pretty much always be a good time.

The problem is, not all of these are as long lasting as you may think. There are hundreds of abandoned theme parks all over the world that are just rotting away. The longer they sit, the less they look like a fun family excursion, and the more they look like the climactic scene of a horror movie.

How would you feel roaming around an abandoned theme park? Would you be terrified or excited? Check out these crazy photos and see if you would be willing to take an adventure to one.

1. Hello whale friend, where is your body?

2. Umm... no thank you.

3. Just taking a little nap there?

4. Are you okay?

5. That cannot possibly be your trident, is that your dinner fork?

6. I am so sorry they left behind...

7. Gentlemen...

8. This will haunt me until my dying day...

9. You were once so full of joy and whimsy, look at you now.

10. NOPE.

You would need nerves of steel not to be freaked out by these next ones...

11. Please, no...

12. So defeated

13. This thing needs to devour souls to survive FOR SURE.

14. He's just in his home, leave him alone!

15. To be fair, this was probably hoping to be a bit spooky when it was new

16. So happy to FINALLY have a friend! Save him now!

17. I hate this.

18. He is SO disgruntled

19. Who ever this is supposed to be looked like they want to destroy the human race

20. Bee-lieve it or not, kids were supposed to like this

Think you could convince your friends to go to one of these? Share with them and see if they would be brave enough to go on an adventure!