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7 Movies So Bad You'll Forget That Any Good Movies Came Out That Year


1987 gave us awesome movies like Predator and Robocop. On the other hand, it also gave us some really awful movies, with these 7 being some of the absolute worst.

1) The Garbage Pail Kids Movie


Based on the popular series of gross-but-awesome trading cards for kids, this movie is mean-spirited, ugly to look at, and just plain difficult to watch. Many of the staff involved with making this have openly expressed regretting making it, and for good reason.

2) Masters of the Universe


Made to capitalize on the success of the He-Man cartoon and toy line, Masters of the Universe ran both over budget and behind schedule, and the result comes out looking like a mess. Not Dolph Lungren's worst role, but not exactly a winner either.

3) Jaws: The Revenge


Easily the worst of the Jaws movies, the fourth entry trades any possible terror for unintentional comedy. It basically implies that the shark is a serial killer targeting its victims. The film is so bad, Michael Caine has apparently never seen it despite performing in it.

You're probably thinking that there's no way 1987 could get any worse, but we haven't even gotten to some of the biggest train wrecks yet.

4) Leonard Part 6


The movie so bad that Bill Cosby advised people not to see the finished product, despite him producing, co-writing and starring in it. He even bought the broadcast rights so it would never be shown on TV.

5) Superman IV: The Quest For Peace


Despite featuring many of the same actors that made the first two Superman films great, Superman IV is barely even watchable. The script (co-written by star Christopher Reeve) is awful, the visuals are worse, and the villain is completely stupid.

6) Death Wish 4: The Crackdown


Charles Bronson fumbles his way through the fourth entry in a franchise that had already worn out its welcome, and the result is one of the most mediocre action movies of the day.

7) Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

Silent Night Releasing Corporation

The first wasn't exactly a great horror movie, but this one's so bad it's funny. Just look at the acting in this. Seriously, this got at least three more sequels.

Do you remember any of these?