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19 Questions We Still Have From Childhood That Need Answering Now

Polygon/Brian's Marketing Management Learning Log

I might be an adult but I still don't yet have answers to some of the most infuriating childhood questions. If you can answer them for us we would greatly appreciate it.

1. What did Krumm do with his eyeballs when he needed to use both hands? I feel like eyeballs are not something you put on the shelf.


2. What the hell were these things, what was in them, and what is their purpose?


3. The reality of how CatDog took a dump still escapes us.


4. Ketchup is supposed to be red. Whose bright idea was this?


5. Could you tell the difference between CD-R and CD-RW?


6. Was the black light test for real on Room Raiders?

Van Winkle's

7. The biggest plot hole in Disney history, why didn't Ariel just write Prince Eric a note after she gave up her voice?


8. All the other babies on Rugrats could talk, but why couldn't Dil?

The Sun

9. What did "Nanny" look like from Muppet Babies?


10. What's the real story of Arnold's parents?


11. Was the Shrine of the Silver Monkey really that hard to piece back together?

Legends of the Hidden Temple Wiki - Fandom

12. How old was Mrs. Potts, and where were her other children?

Oh My Disney

13. Were votes actually worth anything at all on TRL?


14. What kind of parents give both of their children the same name. Wasn't Pete & Pete just confusing for them?


15. If Buzz thought he wasn't a toy, why did he "go toy" whenever there were humans around?

We Got This Covered

16. Was Steve Urkel a millionaire? Where did he get the money for all of his crazy inventions?

Accident Lawyer

17. Could Rose and Jack both have fit on that floating piece of wood?


18. How in hell did a kid manage to stretch $1 million in Blank Check? It wouldn't even have bought the castle.


19. Where did Sam store the ladder he used to visit Clarissa's bedroom? And why didn't her dad have anything to say about it? - Clarissa Explains It All

The Credible Hulk - WordPress.com

If you have the answers to any of these questions we would love to hear from you.