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15 Times Shoulder Pads Proved They Were The Most Excessive Fashion Trend Of The 80s

A lot of the fashion choices we made in the 80s weren't out finest moments, but you know what, we have to live with it. The fact of the matter is, the popular styles were very different than they are now. We should probably just embrace our bad choices right? Own up to the embarrassing memories?

Well, let's get into the biggest fashion mistake we are all guilty of: Shoulder pads. They were big, they were excessive, and they were everywhere.

All of our favorite stars wore them, our friends wore them, and of course we wore them as well. Looking back, I'm not sure what about large shoulders seemed like a good idea, but we all did it and it's time to face the music.

When I said excessive, I meant it

They absolutely made a statement


And that statement was "Hey, have you noticed my shoulders?"

New World Pictures

It was never subtle


Even in a crisp white suit they were a lot to take

Whether you dressed them up or dressed them down, they were ever present


Perfect for work...

Or an elegant night out


And they just keep getting worse...

Even our Working Girl had to pump up those shoulders

20th Century Fox

Even our sweaters weren't free from the accentuated shoulders

There must have been a reason for the crazy shoulder pads right?

You know what will make them better? Add some jewels to them...

Mario Casilli

There was no escaping the shoulder pads

Mario Casilli

I mean, even capes had padding?

Mario Casilli

There is no point in trying to avoid it, shoulder pads will forever be a part of our past

Paramount Pictures

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