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15 Pictures That Will Remind You Why You Were Obsessed With McDonald's Play Places

Going to McDonald's was always the best part about being a kid. The food was obviously delicious, the price was right for our parents, but most importantly, the 'Play Place' was the coolest place to be.

The Play Places were the absolute best and we would rush through our meals asking the entire time if we could go play. Some kids would cry when it was finally time to leave, but even if you didn't, you know these playgrounds were the best place ever.

Do you remember when you used to play in these?

Some were outdoor parks

With this type of Grimmace-Jail that made literally no sense

Officer Big Mac was there too, because apparently the only kind of play structures kids want are small jails?

But don't worry, if that doesn't sound fun you can also swing on the Hambuglar's arms!

Or ride on a Filet-O-Fish thing...

But watch out because Captain Crook might try to steal your Filet-o-Fish!

If you didn't want to play outside, the indoor 'Play Places' were even cooler...

We all would eat our lunches as fast as we could so that we could maximize our time in the Play Place because for some reason we wanted hours to climb through those plastic tubes. How many of you remember them?

There were always a bunch of windows to look out

And those cubbies to store your shoes

They sometimes had that netting instead of tunnels when they wanted it to be a little more challenging

They were just so bright and colorful

If it had a ball pit then it was the absolute BEST time ever

There was a brief time when McDonald's had Nintendo stations. It was the absolute greatest day when we discovered that!

Even if the indoor space wasn't done up, a lot of them had these mini merry-go-rounds outside

And the burger seats were so fun

Or you could go back out to hang out with the Mayor

How badly do you want to play in a McDonald's Play Place right now?