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15 Things We All Remember From Our Days Of Shopping At Claire's

There was one place that every preteen girl absolutely had to go if they wanted the latest fashionable accessories and that was Claire's. I don't know who Claire is, or how she always knew what we wanted, but she absolutely hit the nail on the head.

The things she sold were treated like hot commodities, we all just HAD to have them. There was something for everyone, no matter what their style was. How many of these things did you used to get? Did you realize that with the 90s being back in style you can basically still get most of these things now?

1. Smiley face earrings

2. Best friend necklaces

3. Everything and anything with daisies on it

4. Mood rings

5. Those Plastic chokers

6. Or really any chokers

7. Yin-yang necklaces (especially on those chains)

8. Alien head rings and necklaces

There are even more stuff you know you used to buy at Claire's! Click to the next page to see more!

9. Your first earrings after getting them pierced in that chair at the front


10. Glitter hairspray

11. A tiara (just because)

12. Rubber bracelets

13. Those spikey balls people would use for their belly button rings or as slightly cooler and edgier earrings

14. Butterfly clips

15. So many fingerless gloves

Bonus: Surprise Bags

Honestly, even though you can still buy most of these things at Claire's now, it just doesn't really feel the same as it used to.

How many of these things do you remember shopping for when you were younger? Share your favorite Claire's accessory in the comments!