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15 Things That Prove Kids Today Should Be Jealous Of Our Childhoods

There are a lot of things that are awesome about being a kid. One of the best was obviously the fact that when you're a kid you have almost no responsibilities. Other than that, we had a bunch of amazing things that were super important to us at the time.

How many of these do you remember?

Wearing super bright spandex shorts

Going to The Disney Store with your parents and trying to convince them that you need everything

Playing Fireball Island as often as you could

Following the story of Baby Jessica

People Weekly

Eating Pizzarias after school

Dying of dysentery on the Oregon Trail

Trying to dance like Paula Abdul or Janet Jackson


Sing 'Somewhere Out There' every time you noticed the moon

Universal PIctures

Becoming obsessed with Roger Rabbit

Warner Bros.

Knowing every single word to the DuckTales theme song

Being completely obsessed with Ninja Tutles


How important it was to check your answering machine so you could erase the tape

Watching Double Dare and thinking you could win


Eating hundreds of Cheez Balls

Enjoying your McDonald's out of a Styrofoam container

It was pretty awesome to be a kid when we were. Kids today should be so jealous of everything we got to do!

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