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15 Slang Words From The 80s That Were Totally Awesome To The Max


The 80s were a pretty outrageous time. There were a lot of bright colors, big hair, and happy music. As with every decade, there was also an entire unique language that seemed to become popular before completely phasing out.

We probably still use a few of these phrases to this day, but some we haven't heard in thirty years. How many of these sound familiar to you?


An airhead is a way to call someone a ditz.

Example: Jill was supposed to meet me at the Madonna concert but she forgot! She is such an airhead!


Bodacious basically just means awesome or good.

Example: Annie was surfing on some bodacious waves back there.


Grody was a way to call something or someone gross.

Example: I can't believe you ate that, it was totally grody.


Rad is a super simple one, it's just a short form or radical which actually just means good.

Example: Your new mullet is so rad!


Stoked is a fun 80s way to say excited.

Example: I'm stoked for Janey's party tonight!


Tubular means that something is cool.

Example: Man, that was tubular!

Gag me with a Spoon

Gag me with a spoon was a way to express that you really didn't like something.

Example: Ugh, I have to go do math homework? Gag me with a spoon.


Do you feel like you are living in the 80s again? There is still more slang that we all remember...


Saying Motor meant that you were leaving quickly.

Example: I've got to motor if I want to get to the theater in time! I don't want to miss the start of 'Back to the Future'!


Psych had a few different meanings depending on how it was used.

1. You could say that you where 'psyched' to go do something which meant you were excited. Example: I am so psyched to get my perm touched up this weekend!

2. You could use it in a way that was essentially like saying 'just kidding'. Example: The teacher told me we have a math test tomorrow.... PSYCH!

3. You could also try to 'psych out' someone and make them nervous. Example: The basketball team keeps trying to psych out our team, but we will totally win anyways!

Take a Chill Pill

Take a chill pill is a very 80s way to tell someone to relax.

Example: Take a chill pill, Heather, it's going to be fine.


What's Your Damage?

It's just a simple change that actually means "What's your problem?".

Example: I can't believe you are being so ridiculous, what's your damage?

Where's the Beef?

This one was born out of a commercial for Burger King that basically means that you have been ripped off.

Example: Hey, you were supposed to give me more than this! Where's the beef!


It was a way to describe something that was extremely cool.

Example: That new 8-track is choice.


Bogus basically means something that is either wrong of unbelievable.

Example: It's totally bogus that my mom won't let me have a party on Friday.

To the Max

The most extreme level of whatever was being described.

Example: The fact that you got grounded sucks to the max.

How many of these 80s phrases do you remember?