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15 Secondary Disney Characters Who Deserve To Have Their Own Movie

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Disney seems to be going on this enormous reboot spree, turning all of their cartoons into live action versions. We can only be angry for so long before it gets exhausting, so instead, let's propose some other options for the mega-corporation!

They have a lot of incredible properties that we loved as kids, but how about instead of remaking them completely, they flesh them out in some new ways. No, I am not talking more sequels, not exactly. What if they took the focus away from the main characters and instead gave it to the characters we really want to know more about.

Whether it's a prequel-type movie or even something like Lion King 1 1/2 where we see the same story from another angle, it's time Disney give us some more details on these secondary characters:

Grandma Fa from Mulan

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I want to know everything about her life. She is completely fascinating and is easily the best character in the movie. She deserves so much more screen time then she gets. I would love to see her own coming-of-age story to see how she handled all the stuff Mulan is going through.

Rafiki from Lion King

Walt Disney Pictures

How does a baboon become the religious leader over the entire animal kingdom? That is a story I really want to know. He also seems a little unhinged which I am totally okay with and personally think it would make for a fantastic movie.

Sebastian from The Little Mermaid

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A prequel to how Sebastian became the conductor and composer to King Tritan has a lot of potential! Has he been doing this for years? Or is it more recent? I really want to know how he got his job because it seems super impressive.

Any of the cursed servants from Beauty And The Beast

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The beast was cursed for YEARS. What did they all do? Was he still eating big meals every day? I feel like there were no elaborate productions like the servants would have been used to. Also, it seems super unfair that they were cursed because of his rude attitude. Did they ever get made at him? Show me the years before Belle, how did Prince Adam deal with his angry staff of cutlery and dishware?

Fairy Godmother from Cinderella

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Where did she come from? Where does she go? Why don't we ever see her again?! What does she do when she isn't around Cinderella? She's full of magic, and I need to know if she is a fairy godmother to more than one future princess, or is it a 1:1 ratio? Does that mean there is a whole guild of fairy godmothers? Tell me Disney! I need to know!

Flora, Fauna and Merrywether from Sleeping Beauty

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Are these three kind of like the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella? They honestly have a very similar aesthetic so it wouldn't surprise me. But why does Aurora get three and Cinderella only gets one. Is it because Sleeping Beauty is a bit more needy? What was their story before they had this little baby to take care of?

The Mermaids from Peter Pan

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They aren't like Ariel at all. They try to kill Wendy and they are kind of mean, but honestly you know you love it. They have the coolest little area of Neverland to themselves, and it would be super great to see what they get up to when they aren't hanging out with Peter.

The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland

Walt Disney Pictures

There aren't a lot of characters more mysterious than the Cheshire Cat. Where does he even live? Does he live anywhere? Does he have to sleep or does he just vanish from existence for a little while before coming back?

Who else deserves their own spinoff, maybe some of the villains...

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