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15 Of The Most Important And Iconic Hair Styles We All Rocked In The 90s

There was a lot to worry about when you were a young kid in the 90s. Which boy band is the best? How will you save up enough money to get the rare beanie babies? And most importantly, how will you get your hair looking perfect?

There were a few techniques that we all used to style our hair in different ways. Some of them we borrowed from past generations, some have come back in recent years, but we liked to think we did it best.

Here are 15 of the most popular 90s hairstyles that will remind you just how bad it used to be.

1. Scrunchies EVERYWHERE

Whether they were loosely wrapped around the end of your braid or on the very tippy-top of your head, scrunchies were a staple in all of our lives.

2. Snap Clips

Did anyone else find these kind of annoying to put in? Sometimes it didn't feel great, but they did help hold back our bangs when we were growing them out!

3. Ponytails with beads on either end

You don't know true pain until one of these snaps while in your hair.

4. Hairagami - Updo Snap Styling Tool

This thing was always so simple looking in commercials, but nearly impossible to execute properly. You were supposed to twirl it up and it would hold your hair in it properly.

5. Butterfly Clips

You had to use a bunch of these at once if you were going to do it properly. Preferably at the end of some tight twists on the very top of your head.

6. Leather Barrettes

So many different styles you could get, all used to stab through your hair with a big spike that you would inevitably hurt yourself or someone else with by accident.

7. Banana Clips

These were brought forward from the 80s but were still HUGE in the 90s.

8. Topsy Tail

The very best way to get that flippy ponytail... I guess? Was it really that much easier?

9. The Other Butterfly

These ones were like mixing the regular butterfly clips with the snap clips into one!

10. Curled AND Straightened Hair

Because we could never commit to just one style, so why not do both! Curl some pieces, straighten the others, PERFECT!

11. Crimped Hair

Or if curls or straightening wasn't satisfying enough, you could do some crimping. Because having your hair feel like dead fuzz is ideal.

12. Twisted Knots On The Top Of Your Head

The way to a classy updo in the 90s was to essentially just make knots and pin them up. Throw in some butterfly clips or gems and boom, you're an A-list super star.

13. The Rachel

Completely unobtainable and impossible to replicate but it didn't stop us from trying!

14. All Hair Up Except Two Pieces In The Front

No matter the updo you had to leave two strands down to frame your face. It was VERY important.

15. Chunky Blonde Highlights No Matter What Your Hair Color Was

They would be blonde-ish but mostly just orange.

How did you wear your hair in the 90s? Share in the comments!