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15 Moments In Pixar Movies That Are Way Too Devastating To Be In Kid's Movies

Pixar movies are notorious for their ability to destroy you. You go in expecting a happy kids movie, and instead they teach you some kind of life lesson that leaves you sobbing into your sleeve trying to stay quiet in the theater so no one else notices. I mean, everyone is sobbing so it's not all that embarrassing, but it's still not great.

They are able to make these animated creations make us feel more than some of do in our every day lives. If you told me years ago that I would be sobbing over some fish eggs, I probably would have said you were crazy.

Some moments stand out as the worst of the worst, the ones that reach right into your heart and just pound it into a million pieces each time you see it. If you can make it through this post without getting a tear in your eye you are probably more of a robot than Wall-E was.

1. When Sully leaves Boo in her room

When Boo opened that door after he is gone, a part of my soul died. The look on that tiny tot's face is enough to take down anyone.

2. Jesse's story about being abandoned

Sure, there is a whole fan theory that it turns out that Andy's mom owned Jesse, but hearing Jesse tell us how she was left behind makes every part of my body hurt. Pixar is a big fan of the devastating montage.

3. When all of Nemo's siblings and his mom get eaten

I understand there is the whole "circle of life" thing that needs to happen, but seriously... All of them? Nemo couldn't have had one little sister or brother to keep him company? His poor dad. What a traumatizing thing to experience.

4. The first 10 minutes of Up

I know exactly zero people who can watch that movie without full on sobbing. There is nothing more heartbreaking than so quickly falling in love with a couple of characters and getting to watch their whole life flip by in moments, only to end in the saddest thing ever. Seeing Carl sit on that chair next to Ellie's is literally one of the most depressing images in movie history.

5. When Riley breaks down to her family

She has been so depressed since moving to California, but instead of saying anything she keeps it all bottled up which leads her to run away. Luckily she comes home and finally tells her parents how hard of a time she has been having and learns that all emotions are valid.

6. What Eve finds the plant and shuts down

This movie had a lot of moments that were heartbreaking, but one of the worst was when Eve first finds the plant and then her programming shuts her down. Wall-E pulls her around and stays with her even though she doesn't answer him.

7. When Buzz tries to fly, and it doesn't go well

Buzz Lightyear doesn't understand that he is a toy and then when he is stuck with Sid he tries to fly through an open window but falls. The shot of him lying on the floor with his arm broken is something that will send a chill through your spine.

8. When Mr. Incredible gives up hope

When he thinks his family is dead, the look of defeat is the absolute worst. I mean, we quickly find out his family is just fine, but he doesn't know that and it's just completely heart wrenching.

9. Bing Bong's heroic sacrifice

He was only imaginary to Riley, but to us Bing Bong is very real. When Joy and Bing Bong are trying to get back up to safety, he knows the wagon can't carry them both. He jumps out and the last second so that it will send Joy flying and lets himself be forgotten. Don't worry Bing Bong, we will never forget you.

10. When Andy gives up his toys

Yes, they are going to a new kid who is going to love them with all her heart, but WOWSERS! I cannot handle it. He recreates a lot of the iconic moments from his childhood but instead of making me feel good and happy, I feel absolutely distraught.

11. When Sully thinks Boo is killed in the trash compactor

It's absolutely gruesome. He thinks she is completely chopped up and squished back together but could you imagine how sad he is?

12. When Remy sees a window full of dead rats

Sure, they probably can't cook as well as he does, but do they deserve to be on display like that?

13. When Wall-E gets shut off and doesn't remember anything

Eve frantically searching for pieces is enough to make your eyes water, but then realizing that Wall-E doesn't remember any of his life has the tears flowing. Luckily she gets him back but wow, it's a lot to handle for those few minutes.

14. When Dory finds her parent's house

She doesn't find them, after all that searching she things that they have died but luckily they come back. It's still pretty sad for a second.

15. The Toy Story 3 scene, yes that one...

There is no moment that is more heartbreaking than this one. There is no way that anyone who grew up watching the Toy Story movies made it out of the theater without shedding a few tears over all their favorite toys slowly fall towards the flame. When they start gabbing hands, oh wow, there's nothing worse.

Which Pixar movie makes you cry the most? Imagine how crazy it would be to watch a Pixar movie without crying? I don't even know how that would work...