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15 Disney Movies That Are Way Better Than You Give Them Credit For

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Disney had such a big part in so many of our childhoods. They put out so many amazing movies that it's easy to understand how some didn't quite get the same level of attention.


With all the princess musicals dominating the top tier, the rest of the movies just didn't get the same level of marketing. That didn't mean they weren't amazing movies though. How many of these underrated Disney movies have you seen?

1. A Bug's Life


A Bug's Life came out at the same time as another cartoon movie about bugs called Antz so it never really got the full level of focus from kids. It was still a pretty great movie with adorable characters, most importantly Heimlich the caterpillar.


2. The Sword in the Stone


The classic story of The Sword in the Stone deserves a bit more love than it usually gets. A lot of people haven't even ever seen it! It's got all that adorable classic animation you remember from your childhood and if you haven't seen it in a while you should absolutely rewatch it.

3. The Black Cauldron


So this one may have just been a little bit too much when we were kids, but you should go back and watch it now because it is amazing. It may have just been too scary for some kids, or too awful to watch the most adorable little character sacrifice himself, but now that we are "grownups" we can handle it... right?


4. Oliver & Company


Who doesn't love an adorable group of misfits? Especially when they are voiced by some huge names like Joey Lawrence and Billy Joel? Some of the greatest Disney songs are in this movie, but still no one seems to love it as much as they should.


5. The Fox & The Hound


I understand that you might be thinking "this movie is way too sad, I can't watch that again!" But honestly, it's also just so very good! It is one of the few movies that doesn't have your typical happy ending but that's not always a bad thing.  If you really hate how sad it gets you should just watch the first part before it gets sad because it's the cutest thing ever.  

6. A Goofy Movie


Goofy and his son Max gave us an amazing story of father-and-son bonding that really deserves more love than it gets. It has so many amazing moments in it, including the purely wonderful singer, Powerline.


7. Rescuers Down Under


Taking our favorite Rescuers "down under" really takes this sequel to the next level. A lot of people actually like this sequel more than the original, which is perfectly alright because it's absolutely awesome.  


There are even more underappreciated Disney movies to remember. Click to the next page to see more.

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