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15 Completely Insane 'As-Seen-On-TV' Products From The 70s You Have To See To Believe

Anybody who grew up watching TV from the 70s right up until the early 2000s has almost definitely seen a commercial for something described as "as-seen-on-TV." These were almost always weird gadgets that were probably not available in stores for a reason, but that didn't stop the companies that made them from trying to milk our parents for all their money.

Here are some especially weird ones from the 70s that we can't really believe existed.

Bigfoot made ridiculous slip-ons that let kids put giant footprints in the snow.

I could totally see Vince the Shamwow guy advertising the Blitzhacker.

Because who wouldn't want TWO FULL RECORDS of William Shatner performances?!

You could step up your fishing game with the Fishin Magician.

There was also a Hair Magician. Do NOT get them confused, the results could be painful.

Turns out Husker Du, the iconic punk band, got their name from a Danish board game. Who knew?

Krazy Katch was using hardcore "Ks" decades before Mortal Kombat.

The products just get weirder from here.

Who needs a mood ring when you could have a mood SHIRT?!

Forget the Bowflex, this was the original exercise phenomenon: some crappy rubber bands and a 7" LP.

Patti-Chef, for when your meat really needs a beating.

Up your golf game with the Pin Point!

The Salad Queen. She could toss it really well.

A heavy plastic football loaded with lights and batteries! What could go wrong?

Make your own clothes for only $3.99! What a deal!

And of course, the ultimate solution to having too many awesome cassette tapes to sort through.

What's the weirdest product you've seen advertised on TV?