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The 15 Best Happy Meal Toys From The 80s


As we all know, half of the reason we ever wanted to go to McDonald's as kids was to see what new toys they had in their Happy Meals! While we're used to some high-tech toys in our kids meals today, there was a time where we were happier with simpler pleasures.

These toys are pretty vintage now, but in a way, seeing how far they have come makes them even cooler!

Like trying to fly this Styro Glider from 1980 across the room!

Or the first Little Golden Book series they put out in 1982

The Play-Doh partnership made us all seriously confused about what we could eat. Super cool though!

Though Hot Wheels have made many appearances in the fast food chain over the years, the original lineup from 1983 will always be #1

Remember Fraggle Rock? They added these zoomers to Happy Meals back in 1985

I'm sure that no matter who you are, you have one of these stashed away in the house somewhere. Maybe with some candy still in it...

What could be cooler than Hot Wheels? Obviously getting one with your favorite McDonald's character's head on it!

Did you know 1985 also saw the first collaboration between McDonald's and LEGO?

In 1987, Disney and McD's had their first partnership, and decided it was safer to release a series of short books than invest into toys just yet. Oh, but they would...

How adorable are these Muppet Babies? Heck, I'd buy a Happy Meal right now if they had these in them!

If you showed up school with one of these McDonald's lunch boxes in the 80s, you were automatically the coolest kid in class.

In another clever business deal, Sea World and the burger cartel decided to distribute these cute animal characters to promote the animal sanctuary!

When The Little Mermaid came to theaters in 1989 you can bet America's favorite restaurant had the toys to go with it! Even if Eric was a little creepy looking...

In a great move by the Golden Arches, the company decided that they would make reading more accessible to kids. Including tapes of the books meant even more children had the opportunity to hear these wonderful stories!

These were most definitely the coolest toys that came out that decade. You almost felt like a spy with a secret transforming mechanoid ready to shape-shift into your partner in crime!

Do you still have any of these awesome collectibles?