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13 Things Kids Today Can't Recognize

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The world is very convenient for kids today. Almost everything is instant, computers have made life a lot easier, and there are lots more ways to keep yourself entertained and distracted all the time.

But if you grew up before all of that, you know that things weren't worse, they were just different. Take the grocery store for instance. Self-checkouts are supposed to make things easier, but now we can't interact with the cashiers anymore.

If you can remember a simpler time, you'll probably recognize these 13 objects that we don't use anymore. Some have been replaced by new technology, but as you'll see kids today are missing out on some pretty cool stuff.


1. The Credit Card Imprinter

It's almost impossible to imagine now, but there was a time when every credit card purchase involved calling the customer's bank. Or, maybe the cashier would flip through a book to see if your numbers were listed as a "bad card." Either way, they'd have to use one of these to make an impression of your card.

2. Cassette Tapes

You can still buy CDs in stores, so kids know all about them, but it's been a while since you could pop a cassette tape into your stereo. This was one of the last formats that you still had to flip over to play the audio on the other side, or maybe not if your machine had a fancy auto-reverse feature. Either way, keep a pen handy in case you have to re-spool the tape!

3. Film Canisters

Yes, there was a time when you actually had to get your film developed. That meant taking it out to a store (or a Fotomat) and handing it to somebody else so they could turn it into photographs. It seems like a lot of work in an age when pictures go straight from our phones to our Facebook pages, but that was all we had!

4. Typewriter Eraser

You could easily convince kids today that this was some kind of weird Christmas decoration, or a baby toy, but if you ever used a typewriter you remember these. Typewriter paper was extra thick to hold up to these tough erasers, and the brush was important because little bits of eraser grit could jam your machine.  

5. Encyclopedia

Before there was Google or Wikipedia, you had this huge set of books that took up a whole shelf in your parents' office. A whole world's worth of information was stored in here, but it was important to update your set every few years, because things change pretty fast.

6. Green Stamps

All a grocery store or gas station had to do was put up a sign saying "we distribute Green Stamps" and the business would come rolling in. These nifty little collectibles could be saved up for great prizes. The Brady Bunch famously used them to buy their TV, although that would take a LOT of stamps!

And if they don't recognize these, they're definitely going to be confused by the rest of this list.

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