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13 Sweaters You Remember Thinking Were Totally Rad Back In The 80s


There really is nothing quite like the fashion from the 80s. Sure, every decade has its own definitive look, but none are quite as wonderfully weird as the 80s. The hair, the makeup, and the shoulder pads were all a pretty big factor, but the sweaters are probably the most memorable.

Every sweater that was purchased in the 80s was a true piece of art. Or at least that's what we have to tell ourselves to try to understand why these were ever made. Check out these truly hilarious and often times insane sweaters that we all rocked in the 80s.

Nothing like a nice wave of fluff with a puffy shoulder

Sometimes one type of pattern isn't enough

Sequins make all sweaters better... right?

Not going to lie, I might actually wear this...

Farm life just looks so great on a sweater, don't you agree?

Nothing like depicting a beach on a garment that can only be worn in the cold...

There is just so much fabric involved in this, I worry you may get lost

They keep getting worse...

I feel itchy just looking at this

It's like dressing as a very casual Carmen Miranda

I feel like everyone had a teacher who wore this

Geometric prints were all the rage

So many jewels

This is basically the most definitive 80s sweater imaginable...

Do you have any good pictures of your old 80s sweaters? Share them in the comments!