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13 Swatch Watches Everyone Was Tick-Tocking About In The 80s


If you grew up in the 80s, chances are you owned a swatch watch. It wasn't like we all had cell phones with built in clocks, we had to own a physical device whose only purpose was to let us know when it was time to go home for dinner.


Everyone knows that Swatch Watches were the coolest of them all. They were bright, funky, fun and obviously everyone just had to have one. Did you have one when you were a kid? Maybe you recognize some of these?

Elegant and simple

Bright and funky

How about one with a nice cloth band because that's obviously pretty awesome

How about some awesome geometric prints?

Would you still rock this super patterned red watch from 1984?

This one is nice and simple but still interesting

Who needs to have the numbers in the right places? Certainly not me!

Do you see your old watch yet? Keep looking...

Why not get a set of them so you can switch it up to match your outfit?

Or represent your favorite soda brand

The more contrasting colors you have, the more chances you have to match it with your outfit!

This pattern seemed to be EVERYWHERE in the 80s and 90s

Super basic and easy to read is sometimes your best bet

You know you are really cool when your watch tells you the time in Roman numerals

Swatch Watches were introduced to try and re-popularize analog watches. At the time, everyone was started to get really into the digital watches, but they made these as a way to entice people to stick with these more fun options.

"Swatch" actually is supposed to be a portmanteau of "Second Watch" which meant that watches can be fun, casual and disposable.

Did any of these look familiar to you?