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13 Reasons 'Big Trouble In Little China' Is The Most Awesome 80s Movie


Released in 1986, Big Trouble In Little China finds director John Carpenter and Kurt Russell teaming up for a third time after the massive cult successes of Escape From New York and The Thing.

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It's got just about everything you could possibly want from a great, cheesy 80s action movie; an awesome cast, great action, and fun humor. In particular, here's 13 things that make this movie especially excellent to this day.

Kurt Russell as Jack Burton


A truck driver who's in way over his head, Jack Burton is one of the ultimate reluctant heroes, and Kurt Russell makes him absolutely hilarious.

Dennis Dun as Wang Chi


The movie's real lead character (seriously the plot revolves almost entirely around him), Wang Chi is a badass underdog who needs to save his fiancée, and he's not afraid to kick a lot of ass in the process.

James Wong as Lo Pan


Veteran character actor James Wong absolutely thrives as Lo Pan, a villain that's equal parts menacing and hilarious. Gotta love that outfit.

Kim Cattral as Gracie Law


Gracie Law is a reporter always looking to get to the bottom of things, and Kim Cattral plays her with just enough self-awareness that the character's endearing.

Victor Wong as Egg Shen


Known to 90s kids everywhere for his role in the 3 Ninjas movies, Wong has one of his best roles as Egg Shen, a bus-driving tour guide who also happens to be a badass wizard with ancient Chinese magic!

The Three Storms


Because what's an action movie without three martial-arts wizards who literally have power over the weather? Fun fact: these guys were the inspiration for the character Raiden in Mortal Kombat.

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The Action

John Carpenter's excellent at directing action sequences (Assault on Precinct 13 and Escape From New York anyone?) and Big Trouble In Little China is no exception.

The Crazy Sets


Seriously, look at this! Movies just don't look like this anymore. Especially not this colorful.

The Costumes


The crazy costumes only get crazier as the movie goes on, and they're just colorful and amazing.

This Hilarious Moment


The John Carpenter - Kurt Russel Bromance


Kurt Russel was reluctant to take the role of Jack Burton after he'd just had a string of box office flops, but Carpenter assured him he just wanted to make a movie with him.

The Soundtrack

John Carpenter almost always composes his own soundtracks, and the results are always great. Who doesn't love the intro theme to this movie?

The time Zach Braff ran into Kurt Russel while dressed as Jack Burton


How cool is that?

Literally Everything


Seriously, go watch Big Trouble In Little China right now if you haven't seen it. It's actually the best.

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