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13 Pages From A Delia's Catalog That Will Make You Feel Like A Pre-Teen Again

When you were a preteen, there were few more important things than picking out your style. The clothes you wore would help you feel confident while you were going through some of the roughest years of your life, so obviously you had to pick the best ones.

Where was the best place to get clothes? Obviously it was the Delia's catalog! It was the most stylish and awesome place to get clothes from, even though our parents didn't believe us. For some reason they would say that we should just buy clothes in store so we knew what fit, but where's the fun in that?

The Delia's catalog would come every season and each time we would mark the pages of everything we wanted. How many of these pages do you remember folding over?

How about a nice cardigan buttoned right up to your neck?

This girl really looks like she's having the time of her life...

Who wrote the captions for these? What does this even mean?

Seriously, how is this helpful or better yet, what does it mean? "ShE'S sO EthErEal YoU CaN BrEaThe HeR"

The baggier the jeans, the cooler you were

I miss overalls

There are even more clothes that you used to wish for...

Because you need cargo pockets even when you are wearing a skirt

This was the best way to look like Gwen Stefani

Party dresses were of course super important

Why was this a style?

These patterns are quite a choice

I wonder what the photographer said to get her to take this shot?

There's that classic 90s hairstyle!

How many of these do you remember wishing for when you were younger?